Daytime Talk’s Doctor on Duty




People of medical background have always been highly regarded in society. It takes not only intelligence and a stable hand to be a doctor, but the guts to deal with human life. So, what does having intelligence, stable hands, guts and hosting skills make a doctor?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, more popularly known simply as Dr. Oz, is host to The Oprah Show spin-off, The Dr. Oz Show. A cardiothoracic surgeon, he started as a regular guest at The Oprah Show, before going on to host his own daytime talk show. The show tackles different health and fitness regimen for all sorts of viewers, especially women. The show has won recognition from different award-giving bodies; with the host himself bagging two Emmy’s in a row for outstanding talk show host. His show focuses on health and alternative health, and boasts of a full-time medical team of doctors and researchers. Each episode discusses topics ranging from fitness and beauty tips to breast cancer prevention and diabetes. The show also covers different diagnostic systems and new medicine in the market. Five seasons in the running, it continues to receive viewership and recognition.

Losing the white coat, Dr. Mehmet, a Turkish-American, was born in Cleveland Ohio and was an active student in college. He was academically well-published, writing over 400 papers, book chapters and medical books. He lives with his wife, Lisa, and has four children. He is fluent in Turkish, and had to serve the Turkish army to get his Turkish citizenship.

Apart from hosting his own show, Dr. Oz fills in at Columbia University as Vice Chair and professor of surgery, and hosts his own radio show. He also co-authored six best-selling books on self-help. He founded the non-profit organization, HealthCorps, whose goal is to help high school students from underserved communities’ battle against obesity through proper nutrition, fitness and health regimes. Recognized as one of Harvard’s most influential alumni, Dr. Oz is commonly cited as one of the most influential people of our time. The World Economic Forum named him Global Leader of tomorrow, while being constantly included in lists of influential medical figures in society.

Cleaning Your Carpet Has Never Been This Easy


Carpets are hard to clean. It absorbs dirt and odor immediately. Brushing it thoroughly will take a lot of time and effort. But there are simple ways to keep your carpet odorless and clean for a long period of time.

Keep Your Carpets Clean

All kinds of cloth are prone to stains and odors especially when they are exposed to many people. Carpets on your floors or cars are no exception to this problem. In fact they are more prone to these dirt and odors since they are frequently stepped on by people coming in and out of your house or your car. However, there are services available like carpet cleaners Canberra but of course it will cost you something.

To prevent yourself from spending you can try other ways to keep your carpets clean. Below, are some of the simple strategies you could do to prevent your carpet from being ugly and smelly:

* No shoe policy. Make it to a point that you tell your family members or your visitors that shoes are not allowed inside the house or at least the living room where in most carpets are at.

* The baking soda magic. Baking sodas are known for removing odor on clothes or even the toilets. By putting some in the vacuum bags while vacuuming the carpet it will remove all the odors on your carpet.

* Do some general cleaning on the carpet. It will start by brushing then wash it with water and soap. Rinse the carpet and squeeze all the possible water you could out of it. Then, hang it on a place where direct sunlight is.

If all else fail contact carpet cleaners Canberra.


The Right People for the Job

Able Carpet cleaners Canberra is a popular carpet cleaner service provider in Canberra. They provide services that are affordable and competent. Professional cleaning shall only take place at least once a year to prolong the life of your carpet. Their carpet cleaning services are composed of steaming that will remove the mites and dirt, and they take out the liquids by 99.9% so drying your carpet will not take a lot of time.
All kinds of carpet problems can be solved either by your simple ways or by having a professional service. It is recommended to have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once or twice a year.

Cheap psychic phone readings for you


Psychic readings are one of the best ways that can help people answer certain questions that seem too hard to comprehend with conventional ways. While some people do not particularly believe in the psychic capabilities of a person, there are also those who can attest to the accuracy and reliability of psychics. If you are one of those who believe in the capabilities of a psychic, then you may be interested in having psychic readings made through the phone.

What are the Advantages of Psychic Readings by Phone
While most people prefer to have their psychic reading done in person, there are also those who want the privacy of a psychic reading done through the phone. A psychic reading by phone is not totally different from a psychic reading done in person. This is just a new and unconventional way that allows people to contact psychics anytime and anywhere they want. This provides people the utmost convenience that a personal reading cannot offer. But convenience is not the only reason why people contact psychics from, there are also other reasons that compel people to have their psychic reading done by phone.

Some people question the true ability of a psychic. Being skeptical at first is a natural reaction to something that defies reason. Some people say that psychics only base their readings on what they pick up on the person they see in front of them. They try to say intuitive things that are based on a person’s subtle gesture. This is not totally absurd since this is the exact same thing most detectives are capable of doing when they interrogate someone. But with a psychic from, this aspect can be completely removed since there will be no way a psychic can see a person’s gesture or reaction through the phone making them more credible.

Another reason why people prefer to have their readings done by phone through is because it is much cheaper than to go to a psychic in person. This can help minimize their expenses on gasoline if they drive up to the nearest psychic.

Finding the best business solution that will work for you



Now that internet plays a major role in almost every business, whether big or small, it is important to have a reliable system that your company can depend on for all of the company’s processes. In this regard, you can check online sources for companies that provide these types of systems and find one that would best fit your business requirements and your style of management.

Putting your research into action
When you go online, for sure there will be a long list of companies that you will see, but the question is, which one will work with your preference and needs. The best way to know more about this information is to get involved with research. Take your time in choosing the right company. One of the most commonly preferred companies for business solution is Infusionsoft. You can start out by going to their page and getting to know their profile and how they do their business. You can also get more information about Infusionsoft costs and pricing by going through their website.

Typically, companies would post their regular pricing, and if there are any promotions or discounts, these are typically posted on their page. As for Infusionsoft costs and pricing, you can also check what are the inclusions in the package and what type of program do they offer their clients.
It is also best to know whether full customer support is included in Infusion costs and pricing to at least know whether they will be there should there be an issue or any questions that may arise while using their software.

Why use a business solution program?
There are several advantages in using a dependable and reliable business solution. Among them includes helping you get organized. The thing with online business is it is too easy to handle when you are just starting, but then, if you have a great set up for marketing strategies, you would just wake up one day having more leads that you expect and selling more than you can care to monitor. In this regard, you need to be more organized with your contacts, calendars and other aspects of your business that cannot be turned down. Organizing will help you monitor the immediate and priority tasks in just few clicks of your mouse. In addition, it will also help you to not miss any appointment or promised tasks especially if it concerns your customers or clients.
Lastly, selling your services and products online is going to be a lot easier and since your system is prepared for the big pour of clients, you will always be ready for the big thing.

Components of The Venus Program


There are different types of exercises that must be followed as you try out The Venus Factor. This program has different types of exercises that must be done within 12 weeks, and has different phases in order to fully make the body slimmer and more beautiful than ever. These exercises must be taken with self-discipline and a positive outcome in life in order to fully achieve the results and finish the exercises mentioned in the program. These exercises will surely become very fun and exciting to follow as you improve your very own body.

Diet Plans
This program also focuses on the diet plans that must always be followed in order for you to achieve the best results. The Venus Factor has different diet plans that must be followed on a daily basis in order to make the body slim, and will also make your body clean on both the outside and the inside. This program must be followed with commitment in order to fully achieve the best results. Diet plans are well known exercises, and there are some diet plans included in this program that are intermittent; therefore you will have certain times where you are going to eat or not. This also includes your drinks, and these must be natural beverages only in order to avoid toxins from chemicals. However, if you feel like treating yourself, then make sure to have your “cheat day”. Discipline always requires a break if you want to take a rest and enjoy what you were used to. Just be sure that you’re not always “cheating”.

Life Adjustments
The first adjustment of The Venus Factor will be the tips on the sleeping pattern. Having the right amount of sleep is known to provide great results for the body outside and inside. This reduces the risk of stress on the body and lessens it because it makes you feel at rest. The second one will be the membership for the community of those that are using the program. These women will also provide their very own testimonies that will surely motivate you, plus you will also get moral support because it is a well known factor in life to have great friends that are supportive. So if you want to become perfectly healthy, then make sure to take this program!

Happy Wheels 2 Must-know Facts


Nowadays, many people are getting fond of playing online games instead of going outside and play with their friends. However, online players believe that playing online games will give them the exact fun and excitement that outdoor games can give them. Also, they can play with their friends and acquaintances in an online game. In fact, they can also gain new friends from different places all over the world in online games. Truly, it can promote brotherhood and camaraderie to online gamers. In addition, it is a good way to release stress from a long day of work and study. Everyone deserves a rest after working so hard and tirelessly. Thus, they can free and relax their minds from anxieties in playing online games.

All about Happy Wheels 2
Happy Wheels 2 is just one of the games that an individual can play to have some fun and pleasure. This game is a car racing game. Nevertheless, it is not just simply car racing game because it has levels that a player should surpass in order to win. The levels in Happy Wheels 2 are not easy and hassle-free. It gets harder and more complicated as the level gets higher. Yet, every player will enjoy the game despite of its complexities and difficulty because it has funny approach to the players. They will encounter unique and exceptional levels which can indeed give thrill and excitement to them. In addition, they have characters which are entertaining and humorous. Every character has their special abilities and characteristics that can help the player to overcome the levels.

The Happy Wheels 2 has a great and inimitable concept of game. The characters in the game can lose their arms and legs during the race. It can be bloody and brutal for many people but the players of this game find it really hilarious and amusing. It is also breathtaking because they have to make sure that the head of the character is still intact because if not, the game will be over. Many people are really addicted to it for the reason that it is very challenging and stimulating. Others can try it also if they haven’t played this game at least once.

Should You Let Your Child Play Happy Wheels?


If you are one of those people who were able to play Happy Wheels and had been asked by your child if he or she can play it then this could be the best place for you. Happy Wheels has been one of the finest browser games that you would be able to find and it is really viral around the internet. However, the possible game play that it could offer is not something that is greatly recommended to be seen and know by children.

This could be full of blood and violence but if you are going to be there and guide your child throughout the game then you can let them play it. To put it simply, the possible answer to your question could be either yes or no. No, it is because of the graphics and violence content of it and yes, because you can guide your child and be with him while playing the game to avoid having problems and make the game affects their thinking.


How to Guide Your Child While Playing Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is being offered to be played in Total Jerkface and other websites in the internet. Commonly, there would be instructions provided in the Total Jerkface as well as some warnings about the game. You can make use of those warnings to easily guide your child and know the different things that they can expect from it. However, there are more things that you can do to guide your child while playing the Happy Wheels. Some of those things may include the following below:
* Before they start playing the game, it is very important for you to explain to them the possible things that they can expect from it.
* Think about the simplest words that they can understand to make sure that you won’t have any problems in letting them know more about the Happy Wheels
* Make sure that you are going to be with them while playing the Happy Wheels in Total Jerkface and be assured that they are going to be safe and would understand it.

Why People Love to Play Simple Online Games


Playing games online is absolutely addictive especially when you have nothing to do at home that you are already tired of watching TV or listening music. Having a variety of options to choose from is tempting that all you want to do is to click every game presented for you to know what game is best for you to play. Yet, it will take months, years, or worst a lifetime before you can finish them all. Isn’t that great that you can change games many times in a day? You will never get bored playing games online because if you do, just try to play another right?


What to Consider When Playing Games Online?
When playing games online, it is better that you go for those games that you can play for free like the subway surfers. As a matter of fact you can even download this game right through your android phone or iOS. In this case, you can play the games anytime of the day or whenever you are jaded. You only have to run as fast as you can so that a police officer together with his dog won’t catch you up. While you are running, it is important that you collect the coins and other power ups for an added thrill and energy.


You can see people of all ages playing subway surfers whenever you walk along the street, at the office, or in school campuses. This is how exciting this game is that it can influence a large mass of online gamers all over the world. Well maybe because of its simplicity that drives people to spend time playing it. Most of us prefer to play games that can be easily understood so that you know how you will play the game the right way and increase your chances of winning. Complex games only cause you to lose time after time making you feel upset.

Aside from its simplicity, subway surfers can also provide you with a catchy graphics because of its color as well as the characters. You can also see how the characters do some acrobatic movements just to escape which you will find amusing.

How to Teach Children Food Preparation and Cooking


Children love to play. Through playing, they develop their skills and knowledge on certain things and to a lot of things as they go along. And today, the best approach to teach children the things they need to learn is through virtual games. Computer games and console games have made an extraordinary breakthrough to make learning fast. There are educational games which they can easily understand and make their young minds work creatively. There are a lot of available games online that teach the basics of everyday life, and one of these is cooking.

Is Culinary Games Exclusive for Girls?

Cooking games come with a wide variety of cooking practices. These include baking, food and table arrangement, decorating, and learning the basic tools and ingredients. There are online cooking games where they could learn how to prepare burgers, pizza making, ice cream making and serving, how to decorate a cake, and many more. Some of these have time trial challenges, some have problem solving, and some need understanding on what are the main ingredients are needed to complete the tasks. Cooking games are more likely popular to young girls however, there are also that are designed for boys. Even some of the adults are fond of these games too. Games for cooking have evolved since it was introduced. With many people becoming hooked into it, there has been a development on the challenges presented on tasks. There are also tasks that involve serving and table presentations.

Another thing why most people play these games is to have the chance to earn the actual recipes they could get after completing the challenge as a reward. It is a new way to learn new strategies for people who are in the business of restaurateur. They can find many ideas on how to make their business and food to be attractive in the real world for customers to patronage their business. These games have also helped big food companies in marketing their products and in introducing different recipes and menus related to their products by incorporating them on these games. So whenever you feel like learning how to become a Chef, this is a good way to practice first before heading to the kitchen.

Games that Stimulates the Mind and Body


Online games are oftentimes perceived to be just the answer to boredom and it is usually associated with killing the time. However, for some others, online games can be a factor that could help someone stimulate their brains and be productive. There are online games that offer quality games with these considerations but sometimes these are not accessible without fees or having yourself be registered in their sites first. And sometimes this just adds some stress on you instead of entertaining yourself when boredom strikes.

Spend Your Free Time with Online Games
Online games should be fun and enjoyable to play with that is why friv games are among those favorites of children and adult alike anywhere in the world. It is absolutely free and easy to access. There are more than 250 friv games available online which are fast loading and enables you to play right on when you click any of those square/box icons on their interface. There are lots of game varieties and themes that you can choose from on friv games. There are racing, shooting, construction, puzzles, duels, word games and more. These are all suitable for any ages. Therefore, not only children can enjoy these games but also adults. The graphic contents of every game are in high quality as well as the sounds. Online games like the ones offered by helps children develop the mental and motor skills. These help children practice managing their leaderboards position, strategy formulation to advance on the game levels, and also widen their understanding skills whether through visual or written instructions. In short, this also helps them on their vocabulary skill development.



Our minds need some stimulation in order to make it work. Sometimes stress are the main reasons why we sometimes feel that our brains is not functioning well. That is also true when we don’t have rest, or been lacking sleep. Therefore as a remedy to free those stresses in minds we should sometimes try to engage ourselves with activities like online games from time to time to help our minds and our selves be energized aside from the usual outdoor games we used to have.

Play and Enjoy Cool Games Online


It would surely be fun to play some games to be entertained and relieved from stress. This is perfect for those people who are too busy working or studying. This will enable them to forget problems for a while and enjoy life for a moment. There are many online games which will surely bring joy and addiction to players. Back in the day, people used to buy installers and game consoles just to play quality games. Gamers also used to download large files and install games before being able to play them. But now, people can easily paly games by simply doing a few clicks.

An individual can visit a gaming web site, find a game of his choice, and start playing. Yes, individuals can play games directly on browsers. This is possible through a flash player. They user would only need a reliable internet connection and, of course, a computer. Gaming websites provide a lot of themes so players will have loads of choices. This is also to make sure that players would not get easily bored and stay longer on their website. One of the most popular online games of today is zombie games. Zombies have gained much popularity because they are a constant on TV and movies.

More on Zombie Games
This kind of game is surely a nice way in order for a player to have fun. An individual will find a lot of this kind of game which will suit his preferences. To find the best ones, the player should be aware of all the available games now. This will surely help him enjoy playing the best zombie games today.There is a hunting game available which enables the player to kill zombies through the use of different weapons such as axes and flamethrowers. There is also a game that allows the player to play as the zombie rather than the one who kills them. The player will be able to create his own group of zombies. This is really fun since players are able to include some sarcastic humor so anyone will surely enjoy playing this kind of game.

Advantages of Playing friv Baby Games


The internet is home to hundreds to thousands of websites that have a huge library of flash games, with each website having its own unique selection of flash games for you to choose from. Flash games or browser based games are usually very easy to play because you do not need to be a video game expert in order to start playing these games unlike PC or console games. All you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the controls and you can start playing right away.

Perhaps one of the more popular games that are being played by young children and kids nowadays are friv games. Games that are based off of Hazel come in different variants and here are some:

Hazel’s Pet Care
There are games that feature Hazel and a few of her furry friends. These games are usually very good for your child to play if you are planning to give your kid a pet in the future. This type of game will expose your child to different pet scenarios such as bathing the pet, feeding the pet and other things that can teach your child to properly nurture a pet. There are different animals that are featured in this game. There are dogs, cats, rabbits and many more. This is a great game to prepare your kid for a future pet.

Hazel’s Dental Care
Dental care games are games that will teach your child how to properly care for his or her teeth. It is always important that you teach your child how to properly take care of the teeth when it comes to things like brushing, flossing and many more. The teeth is one of the parts of the body that always needs consistent cleaning and dental care games can help your child develop the skills necessary to take care of their teeth.